There is no doubt that Facebook increasingly seems focused on being a ‘pay to play’ platform. However, with a bit of digital savvy, creativity and determination, it’s still possible to advertise your business for free on the platform. 

Here’s 5 simple ways to spread the word about your business without spending any of your hard-earned cash

1. Use Facebook Live

Social Media

Facebook Live is still a relatively new way to share your business story. It started in 2016 and gains much more engagement than a normal video thanks to Facebook’s algorithm being set to prioritise it on feeds.

You don’t need any fancy equipment and you can use it to share you specialist knowledge with your customers. The best part is that you can see their reaction instantly and answer their questions in real time.

For example, if you’re a hairdresser you could go live with a tutorial on the latest GHD styler available in your salon and answer questions on how to get the perfect curl or how to avoid heat damage. Or perhaps you’re a personal trainer who could share your top tips for a beach-ready body. You could event offer potential customers the chance to ask about your latest bootcamp. 

Facebook Live offers a fun way to give some added-value to your customers through knowledge sharing to your customers. In summary, it’s a non invasive way to advertise your expertise.

2. Share Upcoming Events

Does your business host events? Facebook has a special section for listing any that are upcoming. You can get feedback from attendees ahead of the event and encourage interactions. Start by giving your event a name and make sure you have an eye-catching cover photo. Fill in all the details such as a clear description and the date and time on which it will take place. Remember, if your event gains good traction on Facebook is might feature as “Events near you” or “Popular with Friends” which will help to spread word organically.

3. Showcase your brand like a pro

We live in a visually demanding culture. If your business doesn’t stand out from the crowd visually or doesn’t communicate it’s offering clearly then you will struggle to attract and retain customers.

Use a distinctive style of imagery to reflect your business and have a consistent ‘tone of voice’ – make sure every post conveys the personality of your brand. An active feed filled with useful content is key to having an audience that is engaged and enthusiastic about your brand.

4. Join Groups

Facebook Groups

Groups are increasingly popular on Facebook and exist for pretty much every area of life; from vintage cars, collectibles and fitness through to fashion, technology and horticulture. Join in conversations related to your business and people will soon get to know you as a trusted source of information. 

5. Don’t over sell

There’s nothing worse than a Facebook business page that is just pushing sales. As much as family, friends and some loyal customers may occasionally share your latest product or event advertisement, there’s only so often this will happen.

Think about starting a blog or sharing your knowledge through a video. This gives something back to your audience and creates content that is much more shareable than ‘buy it now’. Sure – it may not create instant sales but it will help you build long term relationships with clients and move beyond the traditional ‘transactional’ mindset. 

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