The honest answer? It’s really difficult. Even I struggle to keep up with my own social media – I’m too busy planning, writing, designing & scheduling all my client’s campaigns for them! 

Never has there been a time where so much of a business owners time is spent on marketing so don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s often the thing that’s put to the bottom of the pile of ‘to-do’s’ you have as a solopreneur. In reality though, it is worth keeping on top of as it is a low cost (or no-cost!) form of advertising that allows you to directly target the exact audience you want to find or keep.

Years ago you might have been dabbling with an advert in the newspaper, radio or even television (if you were feeling flash!) and taking a bit of a pot-luck approach. While there are times these are excellent options, putting an advert in the local newspaper might get lots of eyes on it, but unless you’re targeting an older demographic, you might not find that hipster trendsetter your business appeals to! With more & more demographics now embracing social media, it is often the perfect way for a small business to get the word out to a specific audience in a cost effective manner. 

While it’s challenging to keep up with, it’s actually amazing that we now have the power to advertise our businesses without leaving the sofa. Here are a few top tips that might help you keep on top of your online marketing:

  1. Start with a post every few days – don’t start with a post everyday or you might struggle to keep up. Start with something that is easily achievable and once you perfect that; ramp things up!
  2. Start with one social media platform and work your way up to more. It can be difficult to keep your content fresh on multiple platforms at once. Why not start with Facebook, get a good momentum and then consider whether Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter are right for you?
  3. Dedicate at least a couple of hours on a Sunday night (or whichever is good for you) where you can pre-schedule your social media content. Add this time to your diary or ical and stick to it. Treat it like a gym class (or night out) you don’t like to miss. It will quickly become a habit and avoid another week going by where you haven’t posted
  4. Keep your business objectives in mind. It’s easy to become disillusioned with social media. It can seem like more hassle than it’s worth. Write down what you need to achieve right now – do you need to re-attract old customers, attract a new age group or attract an audience with a specific type of interest? Paid targeted advertising could be perfect for you.
  5. Hire me! Or, if you’re already acing all things social for yourself… don’t hire me 😉 I’m a useful person to have around for those random questions to do with online marketing that spring up. I can also design all your social media content so it looks aesthetically pleasing but also helps to meet those business objectives you’re trying to achieve. 

In summary, start small & don’t get ahead of yourself! One platform filled with relevant, quality content is better than multiple platforms with outdated information and irrelevant/ ill-considered posts. You are not alone – every business owner I speak to says how they struggle to fit everything into their day and social media tends to be the neglected party. 

A planned, methodical approach is the best starting point. If it doesn’t happen one week – don’t be disheartened. Just start fresh the next week and get your routine going!

Any questions? drop me a line on hello@tiernabyrne.co.uk or PM me on Facebook.