Time saving ways to keep up with your online marketing

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As a small business owner, finding the time to focus on promoting your own product or service can be challenging. I do this for a living and even I fall behind on my own online marketing at times. I’m too busy doing everyone else’s and family life, particularly in lockdown has kept me on my toes!

There are so many social media platforms out there, new apps constantly being developed, not to mention Google, your website and all the other marketing related plates you’re expected to spin. So, how can you use your time wisely?

Refine your website

It’s a good idea to refine your web page so your offering is clear. Your site should be the go-to source of information for customers – it can be somewhere they might stumble upon and learn about your offering or it could be a place you send clients/customers to for more information on a product or service (saving you explaining time in the process). Think of it as your shop front (particularly if you’re an online based business) and make it crystal clear on the basics What is your product or service, why is it unique and worth investing in and how can they buy it?

Start small with social media

In terms of online marketing, if you’re a small business starting out, I would suggest starting with one social media platform such as instagram and really get to grips with doing it well. Choose the platform you’re finding has most engagement going on such as direct messages or comments on your posts (from potential leads – not your aunt Sally or a bot). It’s better to have one highly active, content rich & engaged platform than be on lots of channels but seldom post or interact.

Start batch cooking

Not lasagnes (well, you could do that too!). It’s safe to say social media can begin to dominate your life as a small business owner. So, get savvy in creating content ahead of time. If you find yourself with a morning to yourself, why not dedicate it to content creation? Write a blog post, design a batch of social media templates on canva that you can use and adapt again and again.

Get ahead of the game

You can also use scheduling tools that will allow you to pre-schedule your social media content. However, don’t just cross post identical content. Often clients ask me “can I not just put the same post out on my instagram, twitter and facebook”. Just because you can doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Tailor it per platform & make it genuinely useful to the demographic you’re targeting on that specific platform.

Realise when you need outside help

If you’re totally bootstrapping your business you might not be in a position to hire outside help. You might just need to DIY it until it grows a little more. However, there does come a stage where your time is better spent working on creating your product, refining your offering or delivering your service. Time is money after all – ask yourself if you’re spending too much time with you head in instagram, getting frustrated with canva or cracking up at wordpress or Wix! It could be worth hiring someone (like me!!) to help you with your online marketing strategy, to create some content for your business, manage your marketing, refine your website or design you some marketing collateral.

It is possible to keep on top of your marketing as a small business owner. The main thing is to write a marketing strategy such as defining who your audience is, which channels you’ll use and how you will use them. Any questions? Drop me a line here! I’d be delighted to chat.

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