Today I thought I would share 5 things you should STOP doing when marketing your small business. Some of them might sound counter intuitive but bare with me. 


  1. Stop selling! People tune out when you’re constantly pushing your next big product or new service. Of course, as a small business owner you’re on social media to raise awareness of your product or service. Start to think of ways you can help your audience- whether that’s accessorising ideas for winter if you sell children’s clothing or perhaps a checklist of things for couples to remember to organise ahead of their wedding, if you’re in the wedding industry. If you’re genuinely adding value to their lives, they’ll stick around. If you’re constantly asking for their time or money they will tire easily.

  2. Stop putting all your eggs in one basket with your marketing. If you’re absolutely flying on instagram at the moment that’s fantastic. However, what if the algorithm changes? What is instagram disappears into the ether (it’s unlikely… but bebo & myspace felt that way too once!). There’s a reason why marketing strategies exist. Think about how you can promote your business in other ways – whether that’s traditional or online. Build a robust marketing campaign that will never leave you stuck

  3. Don’t get too hung up on follower numbers. Yes, it’s lovely to have a big number of followers and it does help to build credibility. However, the most important thing is that the numbers are made up of people who are genuinely engaged with what you do/make/sell (not your auntie, next door neighbours and your super hip grandmother… as lovely as they are, it’s not a long term strategy).

  4. Stop worrying about posting all the time. Post when you have something to say that’s genuinely engaging. Yes, it’s wonderful if you have the time and space to be constantly ‘online’ and ‘present’ for your following. More often than not though (especially in lockdown life!) as business owners we’ve a lot of other things to content with. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on good quality content – quality over quantity and all that.

  5. Stop worrying what everyone else is doing. Yes, it’s important to keep an eye on the competition but don’t let it be an obsession. It’s incredible how much more unique and creative your content is when you just focus on who you are trying to appeal to, what they want to see or know, when they are online & what truly reflects your brand. 
And that’s that! Stay tuned for more small business marketing tips. Remember that I offer marketing, design & branding services for small business owners in a cost effective way so if you ever need a helping hand or steer in the right direction – I’m only an email or DM away.