A huge part of my job is helping small businesses define and refine their marketing strategy. I help them take a step back, think about their target audiences and specific objectives. Together we set out to achieve these objectives through an improved approach to marketing their product or service.

I’m giving away a 7 day social media calendar. It’s the kind of thing that you can print out on a Sunday evening when you have half an hour to yourself and jot down some key ideas for the week: For example it could be that it’s “Small Business Saturday”, that you’re celebrating a milestone or for this advent season it could be that you’re wanting to plan a tip per day for the whole month.

So here’s my gift to you today. I hope it comes in useful! If you would like help with planning your 2021 marketing or designing your content I would absolutely love to take it off your hands entirely or book in for a one hour consultation with you to help you focus in on your strategy & how to approach this upcoming year.

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