In the business world there are so many helpful tools at our disposal that actually, the amount of choice can end up confusing us entirely. Here are five platforms that can genuinely help “power up” your small business, leaving your with more time to do what you do best – creating your product, sourcing them or perhaps delivering your specialist service.



This is the tool I always used when working as an in-house marketer. It meant I could assign tasks to our team and collaborate with colleagues on projects. In terms of being a small business owner, it’s an excellent way to manage all the things you need to keep on top of (and you can use it for free!)


  • Reminders about email follow ups
  • Track ideas for your next marketing campaign
  • Manage my own business to-do list (all those tasks that end up falling by the wayside but you’re currently holding in your head as a prompt)
  • Manage client projects through virtual checklists (great for service based businesses like me who are managing multiple clients for example)

    They also have a mobile app so it’s great for project management ‘on the go’ too. 

  • Sign up today and see what you think

Facebook Business Suite


A great tool from Facebook for managing your business pages that was launched in September 2020. It includes lots of helpful tools including for posting, messaging, insights/analytics and advertising. 

Facebook purchased Instagram in recent years and therefore, much to many people’s delight, there is now functionality to pre schedule your content for both Facebook & Instagram within the platform. 

The idea of the platform is to free up time for business owners because, let’s face it, businesses take more time to run now than they ever did before! It allows you to manage and track a lot of things from the one place.

Check it out here


A super helpful free tool that is basically a spell checker (except much more powerful). In my eyes, the really clever part is that you can install it as a browser plugin so rather than just being able to check documents, it prompts you if you’re writing a social media post, blog post or similar and highlights to you when it doesn’t make sense or if you have a misspelling. 

When you first sign up the tool will ask you if there are any areas in particular you need help with. As you can see from the image to the right, it covers a wide range of needs. 

Take a peek and consider installing today. 

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