How to re-purpose your social media content

Have you ever thought about recycling your social media content? 

It basically means re-purposing content such as an instagram post post or blog post and breathing new life into it on another platform. The average small business has a couple of social media feeds, a website and maybe a blog to keep ontop of.

The classic thing that happens is that the blog lies dormant, one social channel gets a little bit neglected and they go strong on the remaining social media page.

How to re-purpose your social media content

How to start? Perhaps your blog has been lying dormant for months (or years!) so why not look back at your instagram or facebook feed to see what content is still relevant (or evergreen as people sometimes call it!). Why not copy the text and extend it into a longer post for your blog? Expand upon your initial thought or idea. Don’t just do a copy and paste job (definitely don’t do this if you’re posting a blog post to your own site and another website as a guest poster – Google doesn’t like that!)

Here are some more questions to ask yourself:

Would that tweet you sent or conversation you had on twitter make an amazing post for instagram too?

Turn your testimonials into instagram posts (even better, book in for one of my live 90 minute Canva styling sessions and I’ll do it for you!)

Could you blog post become a podcast episode or webinar?

Write a blog post and turn it into part of your next email marketing campaign.

And remember:

Don’t just copy and paste the same thing over and over again. Tailor it to each platform! It’s amazing how far one solid piece of content can save you so much time as a small business owner. Not only does it help you but more people can benefit from it – remember that one person that is active on instagram isn’t necessarily someone who pays attention to email.

Happy content recycling! 

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