I worked with the owner of the Big Belfast Choir to come up with a brand that represented the fun nature of the choir. I used a playful font to design the logo and created a strong visual identity for how posters, business cards and other promotional items should look.

Once the design was complete, I implemented the marketing strategy I had written. This included setting up a Facebook presence, providing training on social media including live streaming, scheduling content and the importance of high quality imagery.

I regularly run key campaigns on behalf of the owner; creating unique designs and videos to ensure the choir stands out on social media. 


I created the video below as part of a campaign for their May 2019 popup choir. The campaign attracted an audience of over 100 people.

A second example is a set of Facebook advertisements I made as part of a recruitment campaign for the main choir. I photographed choir members and established a bit about their day jobs. The idea was to show that anyone can join a choir – it’s all about letting their hair down and singing. 

As part of the brand identity project, I set up a website for the choir. I focused on clever copy to ensure the choir lists high on Google search rankings. Organic traffic to the choir’s web page has helped to secure many gigs including singing on stage with Demi Lovato. 

My work with the choir’s owner is ongoing. I regularly write marketing campaigns for recruitment drives, run their social media pages at various key times of year (eg: recruitement drives) and I style key event experiences such as their popup pub choirs.