Time saving ways to keep up with your online marketing

As a small business owner, finding the time to focus on promoting your own product or service can be challenging. I do this for a living and even I fall behind on my own online marketing at times. I’m too busy doing everyone else’s and family life, particularly in lockdown has kept me on my […]

5 Common Online Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

As a small business owner you’re likely to feel like you are juggling many plates, especially with the current Covid 19 situation. Online Marketing is generally one of these plates! I decided to write up five very common mistakes small business owners make to try to help you on your way. Perhaps you are making […]

Business at a corona-standstill? Do a spring clean of your online presence.

Like many businesses, you might be feeling frustrated and shell-shocked from the bombshell that is Corona Virus sweeping the world (wiping away your business in the process). It’s an incredibly frustrating and worrying time. However, it’s up to business owners to keep things going in the interim online. I’ve put together this article to help […]

Hashtags – What are they for and when should I use them?

Hashtags are a bit of a mystery to many people I speak to and while scrolling through social media sites I see them used in ways that are completely pointless. This blog post sets out to demystify the hashtag and help you to use this helpful tool more effectively. The long story short is that […]

How do I keep up with social media & run a business at the same time?

The honest answer? It’s really difficult. Even I struggle to keep up with my own social media – I’m too busy planning, writing, designing & scheduling all my client’s campaigns for them!  Never has there been a time where so much of a business owners time is spent on marketing so don’t be too hard […]

5 ways to use Facebook to promote your business for free

Facebook Live

There is no doubt that Facebook increasingly seems focused on being a ‘pay to play’ platform. However, with a bit of digital savvy, creativity and determination, it’s still possible to advertise your business for free on the platform.  Here’s 5 simple ways to spread the word about your business without spending any of your hard-earned […]