I worked with Tanya Curran, owner of Exclusive Hair Company to design a brand identity for her Salon. Like many well established small businesses, logo design had always fallen to whichever printer was drawing up the latest flyer design or signage. Tanya has already established a sterling reputation for her business and the brand experience in her salon is second to none. It was time to invest in her online presence and visual identity to ensure it was as strong & recognisable as possible.

Our first step was to design the brand identity. Tanya and I met for a cuppa and discussed her salon, how it looks and feels, who her target audiences are and what she wanted to achieve from her refresh. We also discussed her visual likes and dislikes (something I always like to establish from day one!) – it was clear she is “not a circle person” and really doesn’t like gold.

I established a visual identity that worked well with the current wood panelling within the salon. This avoided the need for builders and allowed us to style the salon in a cost effective way – we will add even more elements over time! 

I designed new gift vouchers and loyalty cards in line with the new brand and we created two popup banners to act as backdrops for before and after hair transformations for use on social media.

I then worked with Tanya to plan & host her brand launch night where staff & customers came to see the new brand for the first time. We had branded goody bags, cupcakes & balloons and plenty of prosecco to go round. 

We announced the launch of their new website on the night – this was set up using the wix platform to allow for easy editing by the team at Exclusive. I visually styled & helped to write the copy for the website.

Not only that but I came along with my trusty camera, captured a few photos of the celebrations and uploaded them to social media at the end of the night too!