Marketing Strategies for small businesses

I help ambitious entrepreneurs, startups & one (wo)man bands to feel empowered to run their small business marketing. I help them to understand the best marketing strategies for their small business.

I specialise in helping small businesses such as solopreneurs, startups and one (wo)man bands to refine their marketing strategies. As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to justify spending money on your own business and I seek to deliver value for money on all of my projects and I pride myself on going above and beyond. I empower small business owners to take control of their marketing in a way that fits their lifestyle.

One of my main motivations is to deliver genuine value to the small business owners who choose to work with me. I therefore only take on a limited number of projects each month so I can give them the level of attention they deserve.

I can customise a package to suit you, however, below are some of the most popular approaches that clients choose when working with me. 

Marketing Strategy

My Marketing Audit & Strategy documents take the form of a PDF document that I compile further to reviewing your existing marketing. Often clients will ask me to look at their social media channels and website first and foremost. 

I then create a PDF document that gives a comprehensive overview of where you are with your marketing strategy as a small business owner and I give you actionable things you can implement to enhance your communications, visual styling, website structure, social media marketing and more. 

It is entirely tailored to your needs. The document tends to be around 20 A4 Landscape pages long and takes the format of actionable bullet points and observations that is digestible and approachable for the average small business owner. 

This is perfect for solopreneneurs, artists, startups, indie businesses who are generally trying to tackle their marketing strategy and need a strong steer in the right direction.  

As standard you will receive:

A landscape A4 PDF filled with my observations on your existing website and social media channels

Some guidance based on your existing analytics such as who you are currently reaching.

The document is intended for small business owners who need a clear, simplified way that they can begin to communicate with the right customers, in the right time, in the right way. It’s time to grow your business through a refined marketing strategy. 


Marketing Power Hour

Are you a one (wo)man band/solopreneur who is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the different ways your can publicise your small business? Are you struggle to know what is working and what isn’t? Do you need a steer in the right direction? It can be hard to work out what the right marketing strategy is as a small business owner.

My Marketing power hour is 100% tailored to your small business and takes place via video call. Ahead of the session I prepare by reviewing your online presence including your website, social media channels and if they’re available, I can even take a look at some key analytics for your business. 

We then hop on our 60 minute call. I’ll warn you – I don’t hold back from honest feedback on your marketing strategy. The only way to move forward is to understand what isn’t working so you can fix it and approach your marketing strategy in a different way. 

This is a hands on session that will give you tons to think about and importantly, you will be able to start actioning improvements right away.

I send a survey to every 1-1 consultation client ahead of the session. This gives you the opportunity to ‘brief me’ on your priority areas for the call. I will aim to answer them as comprehensively as possible during our time together.  

My goal is to give you completely impartial feedback on your small business marketing strategy that helps you move your business forward.

By the end of the session you will have:

An actionable list of feedback such as adjustments to your website, an alternative approach to publicising your business, different approaches for social media, ideas for ways you can reach more customers (or the right customers) and more.

If there are specific things you are stuck with or need a demonstration of how to do something (such as pre scheduling social media content or using Canva) I can train you on that too.

Often clients will choose to do some of these items themselves if time and skill level allows. They then ask me to carry out the remainder on their behalf. 


I'm Tierna

Marketer. Designer.
Small Business Lover.

If we haven’t met, my name is Tierna and I am a multi award-winning Marketing Expert based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a degree in Design For Visual Communication & a Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute Of Marketing.  More importantly, I have a wealth of professional experience in both fields. As a small business owner myself I know what it’s like to have a limited budget (or a side hustle while working full time/being a mum). I therefore am hugely passionate about helping entrepreneurs on their way to feeling empowered about their marketing efforts & small business branding. 

Read more about me, my awards & credentials here.