Instagram For Small Business Owners - Online Course

Instagram For Small Business Owners Online Course
(£65 for 6 months access)

A word from me

Hello there business owner! I have developed this online course (audio transcription available) inspired by all the small business owners I work with who are trying to use instagram to spread the word about their small business.

Does it sound like I'm describing you?

Then keep reading! 

I know you’ve been trying to build your following on instagram, you’re spending so much time replying to direct messages and posting to your grid. I see it every day – it’s a tough thing for small business owners to keep up with. 

Inspired by my many conversations with small business owners who are trying to make a real ‘go’ of it on instagram (the struggle is real!) I have developed this course over several months, based on feedback from my own instagram followers & clients. 

Here's what you can expect from the online course

The whole course is set within the context of Instagram being part of a wider marketing strategy. 

It starts by explaining what marketing means for a small business owner and then gives you practical help on how to set up your profile strategically, style it so it looks impressive and a comprehensive section on how you can take a more professional approach to your instagram marketing:


Within this section we cover which type of instagram account you should choose for your business and explore how to set up your profile & bio strategically 

Within this section I put my graphic design hat on (did you know I have a degree in design?). I explain what branding is and why it’s important to your instagram marketing efforts.

I then tell you my approach to the foundations of styling any visual brand in a digestible way that you can apply to your own styling.

I will give you some top tips for using Canva (design software for non-designers) to create uniquely styled  instagram content.

This is a very comprehensive section which has 6 key lessons on:

  • What content should I share with my followers?
  • Video Content On Instagram
  • Helping new & existing customers find you on instagram
  • Using Instagram Insights
  • Scheduling & Frequency of posts
  • A template to create your own instagram strategy