Instagram For Small Business Owners


An online course on how you can use instagram strategically to publicise your small business


By purchasing this course, you will receive 6 months access to the content.  The course was inspired by all the small business owners I work with who are trying to use instagram to spread the word about their small business.

It’s meant for small/micro/indie businesses/on man/woman bands who:

Within this section we cover which type of instagram account you should choose for your business and explore how to set up your profile & bio strategically

Instagram Strategy

This is a very comprehensive section which has 6 key lessons on:

  • What content should I share with my followers?
  • Video Content On Instagram
  • Helping new & existing customers find you on instagram
  • Using Instagram Insights
  • Scheduling & Frequency of posts
  • A template to create your own instagram strategy


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