I'm Tierna

I help ambitious entrepreneurs, startups & one (wo)man bands to feel empowered to run their small business marketing and to create a brand that stands out from all the rest. 

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I specialise in helping small businesses (and I really do mean small!) such as solopreneurs, startups and one (wo)man bands. As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to justify spending money on your own business and I seek to deliver value for money on all of my projects and I pride myself on going above and beyond. I empower small business owners to take control of their marketing in a way that fits their lifestyle.

One of my main motivations is to deliver genuine value to the small business owners who choose to work with me. I therefore only take on a limited number of projects each month so I can give them the level of attention they deserve.

I can customise a package to suit you, however, below are some of the most popular approaches that clients choose when working with me. 

Most popular packages

PREMIUM & tailored

Professional Brand Design Package

With my years of experience in marketing & design, a degree in Visual Communication and a diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing I will design a brand that shines. 

This package is tailored to your needs and you will be my high priority client during our time together (usually 2-3 weeks). I will seek to fully immerse myself in your business from the moment we have our first zoom kick-off call, when we will establish your visual preferences, the ethos of your business, what your brand needs to reflect, who your audiences are and any other key learnings relevant to your specific brand.

A brand is not just your logo. It is how your business looks, how it feels, how it communicates to your future and current clients (when you aren’t there to do it yourself!). It extends into your shopfront, your website, packaging, your social media and even how your staff interact with customers. 

We will decide upon an aesthetic to suit you and your ideal target audience. I will then start the design process by designing your logo, complimentary patterns, visual and photographic styles and I will bring it to life through a series of ‘mock-up’ concepts to demonstrate the possibilities of how your brand can be applied as your business grows.

As standard you will receive:

A bespoke logo design

A suite of logos in png, jpeg & eps (vector – i.e it will scale to any size without pixelation)

A defined colour palette

A carefully considered wider visual style such as complimentary patterns & photographic style

Mockups of how your brand can be applied to a variety of key items

Most clients opt to ‘bolt on’ items such as business cards, website styling, popup banners or social media templates too.

90 minute

Live Canva Styling Session

A 90 minute styling session that takes place live on zoom using video chat and screen share. 

Ahead of the call I will ask you to create a Pinterest board of colours you like, visual styles you love (even if it’s a pair of curtains!) and I will review this ahead of our call. I will then log into your Canva account ahead of the session.

When our 90 minutes together starts we’ll have a chat about your visual styling preferences (using your Pinterest as a talking point) and I will firstly help you to define your brand colour palette and set up your brand kit on Canva with typography that will work well with your visual style. 

The next step within our 90 minutes is to start to apply your new visual styling to some key templates for your brand. Not only that but I’ll talk you through my top Canva styling tips while I work and you can ask me questions about your marketing too if you like!

This session is a really good start if you’re in startup mode and not ready to invest in a professional brand identity but still want to have some consistency in the visual style of your social media for example. 

It is helpful if you’re torn between colour options/fonts, can’t decide what palette to use, keep using a mix of visual styles and are just generally a bit visually confused. 

It’s a rapid process that lets you dip your toe into the professional branding world when you aren’t quite ready to opt for the premium package (we can always upgrade to that at a later date).

At the end of the call you will have:

A fully set-up Brand Kit on Canva

A defined colour palette 

An idea of the types of Canva elements that you can use to design using the aesthetic we come up with on our call.

At least five social media templates that you can use

60 minute

Marketing Power Hour

Are you a one (wo)man band/solopreneur who is feeling a bit overwhelmed by the different ways your can publicise your small business? Are you struggle to know what is working and what isn’t? Do you need a steer in the right direction?

My Marketing power hour is 100% tailored to your business and takes place via video call. Ahead of the session I prepare by reviewing your online presence including your website, social media channels and if they’re available, I can even take a look at some key analytics for your business. 

We then hop on our 60 minute call. I’ll warn you – I don’t hold back from honest feedback (in the nicest possible way of course!). The only way to move forward is to understand what isn’t working so you can fix it and approach your marketing in a different way. This is a hands on session that will give you tons to think about and importantly, you will be able to start actioning improvements right away.

I send a survey to every 1-1 consultation client ahead of the session. This gives you the opportunity to ‘brief me’ on your priority areas for the call. I will aim to answer them as comprehensively as possible during our time together.  My goal is to give you completely impartial feedback on your marketing that helps you move your business forward. 

By the end of the session you will have:

An actionable list of feedback such as adjustments to your website, an alternative approach to publicising your business, different approaches for social media, ideas for ways you can reach more customers (or the right customers) and more.

If there are specific things you are stuck with or need a demonstration of how to do something (such as pre scheduling social media content or using Canva) I can train you on that too.

Often clients will choose to do some of these items themselves if time and skill level allows. They then ask me to carry out the remainder on their behalf. 


Ad hoc Design Support

Sometimes you just need someone you can call on to help with your marketing or design efforts. I can use my professional design software (Adobe Creative Suite) for the likes of print items where it’s highly advisable to have high quality artwork that will print well. 

Alternatively, for screen based social media templates, instagram styling, lead magnet PDFs etc I am happy to design using Canva so you can use the templates again and again.

You can hire me in a few ways depending on your needs:

  • I can quote per design item (Starting at £50)
  • Hire me for a half day (£200) or a full day (£400) to work on a variety of things for your business.

This service can be entirely tailored to your needs:

Setting up Canva Templates or creation of email marketing templates 

Creation of social media content 

Designing print collateral such as brochures, business cards, pop up stands, billboards, packaging & more

Styling Websites using Wix/Squarespace/Elementor

I'm Tierna

Marketer. Designer.
Small Business Lover.

If we haven’t met, my name is Tierna and I am a multi award-winning Marketing Expert based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a degree in Design For Visual Communication & a Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute Of Marketing.  More importantly, I have a wealth of professional experience in both fields. As a small business owner myself I know what it’s like to have a limited budget (or a side hustle while working full time/being a mum). I therefore am hugely passionate about helping entrepreneurs on their way to feeling empowered about their marketing efforts & small business branding. 

Read more about me, my awards & credentials here. 

empowering you to market your small business effectively& creatively

I couldn’t be more passionate about helping small business owners with their branding, marketing strategy & design. Get in touch today to see how I can help grow your brand.