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As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to justify spending money on your own business. I seek to deliver value for money on all of my projects and I pride myself on going above and beyond. One of my main motivations is to deliver genuine value to the small business owners who choose to work with me.

I empower my small business clients to take control of promoting themselves with more confidence and much less overwhelm. I help them to work smarter & not harder.

My rates for graphic design services such as flyer, poster, banner & brochure designs start at £50 but please get in touch and I will tailor a quote to your needs.

Below I have listed my most common packages for small business owners


Professional Brand

This package is tailored entirely to your businesses needs and you will be my VIP client for the duration of the project (generally 2-3 weeks) and I will seek to fully immerse myself in your business. With a BDes Hons Design For Visual Communication and a Diploma in Professional Marketing I’m well placed to create a brand that shines. 

We will use a mix of video consultation, what’s app and sometimes in-person visits if needed. Our initial zoom consultation will help me to establish your visual preferences, the ethos of your business, what your brand needs to reflect, who your audiences are and any other key learnings relevant to your specific brand.

A brand is not just your logo. It is how your business looks, how it feels, how it communicates to your future and current clients (when you aren’t there to do it yourself!). It extends into your premises, your shopfront, your website, your social media and even how your staff interact with customers. If it doesn’t excite, inspire and leave a good impression then your business will suffer as a result.

I design your logo, suggest complimentary patterns or photography styles where relevant and I bring it all to life through a series of ‘mock-up’ designs related to your business such as how signage or popup stands etc might look if you invest in them over time. I essentially outline the entire visual style for your business and give you a direction for potential brand application over time. 

This package is very much my VIP package and you will be my priority client during our time together. 

Click the button below to have a free 30 minute exploration call with me. This will let us get to know each other’s businesses and I will gather the information I need in order to accurately give you a quote.


Canva Styling

This 90 minute styling session is a good start if you’re in startup mode and not ready to invest in a professional brand identity but still want to have some consistency in the visual style of your business. 

My Live Canva Styling sessions take place via a 90 minute zoom call and screen share where I take over your Canva account  and help you refine your styling once and for all. 

Together we will define your colour palette and visual style and begin to create some templates in your new brand style. . If you’ve created a logo based on a Canva template I can also help to tidy this up for you and make it look more professional! Not only that but you’ll pick up plenty of Canva and design tips throughout the session.

Canva is a tool that allows you to DIY your own graphics but my clients find that over time their design efforts can become a little muddled and some overwhelm can set in too. Not only this, but if you use the templates and don’t edit them to match your brand, you’ll soon begin to see other businesses using exactly the same styles which dilutes the impact of your marketing. 

The session is helpful if you’re torn between colour options/fonts, can’t decide what palette to use, keep using a mix of visual styles and are just generally a bit visually confused we’ll get you on the straight & narrow!

After our styling session I will send across a custom A4 Brand Sheet which will contain the colour codes you need when using Canva or will give you something that you can send to professional designers (like me!) so they can do the same. 

Simply email me via the link below and let me know that you’d like to book in for a Canva styling session.


Marketing Power Hour

Being a solopreneur and running the marketing for your own small business is tough. My Marketing power hour is a consultation session that takes place via video call. You aren’t alone – I’m here to help.

Book a one to one power hour with me and I will give you marketing expertise to move your business forward. 

Ahead of the session I prepare by reviewing your online presence in detail – taking a look at your website, your social media channels and other key places online. I don’t hold back from honest feedback – The only way to move forward is to understand what isn’t working so you can fix it and move forward.

By the end of the session you will have a list of actionable feedback. Often this includes adjustments to your website, an alternative approach to publicising your offering, tweaks to your website hierarchy/copy, different approaches for social media, ideas for ways you can reach more customers (or the right customers) and more. 

I welcome every 1-1 consultation client to send me some questions ahead of the session and I will aim to answer them as comprehensively as possible during our call. My goal is to give you completely impartial feedback on your marketing that helps you move your business forward. 

This is a cost effective way to get high impact marketing help. It’s the perfect way to re-focus and gain a strategic direction for your small business. Not only that but it’s affordable and doesn’t tie you into any long term commitments. Let me help you find your direction!

Simply email me via the link below and let me know that you’d like to book in for a Marketing Power Hour.