Marketing Workshops & Online Courses

I provide social media marketing training for small businesses. Whether you are part of an  in-house teams or a one man band business I can help in relation to graphic design training, canva and small business marketing strategy. 

Marketing Training online or in Northern Ireland

I provide bespoke sessions that can, as a result, be tailored to your needs. Past sessions have included helping an entrepreneur who wanted a tutorial on instagram and help with using the platform to publicise their business. 

I have also provided instagram training sessions to in-house marketing teams who need guidance on how best to use the platform to promote their offering. Further to this, they have significantly improved their instagram marketing strategy.

And so, if it sounds like I might be a useful person to have around for your small business I would love to hear from you. Get in touch today to let me know what your skills gap is or what you need a refresh on. I will be happy to put together a tailored quote for your individual needs or that of your group or team.  

empowering you to market your small business effectively& creatively

I couldn’t be more passionate about helping small business owners with their branding, marketing strategy & design. Get in touch today to see how I can help grow your brand.